Monday, May 6, 2013


Hey! So its lovley monday again and alot of tennis. I was supposed to have the weekend off but i didnt know they start Madrid this early. So I was active some hours saturday & sunday.

At the moment im sitting on a huge amount on Cornet. I built a green during 1st set and took a lay for all of it after the first break in 2nd set. Doesnt look to bright though this match. But soon enough it suddenly happens.

Other than that. Mladenovic winning against Espinosa wasn't really something. That suprised me.

Not that many WTA matches today. But im going to lay Radwanska for sure pre-match. Not that Robson have been playing well lately. But it could easily be a trade friendly match than the pre-match odds say. Basically what 1.15 means is that Radwanska should win ~83% of points. 83% of games and 83% of sets. Not super likely. It takes some trading though. Its not a straight punt to make money on this.

Haven't gotten involved in Stosur vs Navarro. I really hate these high liquidity matches. The margins are so small. And very often they are very effecient = Hard to make money.

GL @ the markets



Well Robson is performing well. I didnt see her winning in 2 straight sets though. Its not over yet though but it doesnt look to well for a turnaround here. Id love one though.


  1. 1.2 Errani bokas från start. Helt klart för lågt.

  2. Jag hade inget från start i den... men tog 1.10 vid 2-0 i första set till errani. Har inte så mycket pluss på den matchen fast man borde vara rikare än lundin oil. Lätt att säga så här i efterhand klassiskt =)