Friday, December 11, 2015

The last trade

Hey guys!

This is most certainly the last post for this blog. I quit trading this late summer basically. Since about May the markets where not the same, atleast for me something had changed. I don't know if the merger with Paddy Power had something to do with it but I noticed something after May, that the markets wasn't the same. For some this maybe haven't been a problem but I didn't find spots as I used to. My motivation for trading sports pretty much dried up as well. So I felt it was time to do something else. 

You might wonder what my next adventure is? I've decided to try to learn a new game. And thats the stock exchange game. I've been grinding the Stockholm exchange roughly the last 2 months. My goal is to be breakeven for the first 6 months and anything better is just a bonus. Its a totally different beast the stock exchange compared to the sports exchange. But it's a lot of fun and I'm learning a lot of new things. We will see how it goes. =)

Anyways, thanks to everyone that read and commented this blog. I still think there is some good information in the blog for new traders to read. So just go through it you might find some interesting stuff. 

Thanks again and the best of luck!

Stay Sharp! /Sammy