Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday-Alot of wrong priced matches?

So i had to go to the "besiktning" with my motorcycle today so im a bit late with going through matches today.

What sticks out directly is that i find Bartoli under-valued. Aswell Tipsarevic. So ill be trading infavor of these players. When odds are in those spans i usually dont take a position from start. It gets really iffy staking if the match doesnt develop in the favor for you.

Flipkens also under-valued. In my opinion.

Ohh ill be laying Gasquet & Murray from start today.

Thats all i have time to write for now. I might edit this post as the day moves along.

GL @ the markets


EDIT: Youzhny undervalued aswell.

12:47: S.Williams-Lino: Not that im going to do it. But backing S.W has value. #sick

17.21: Wrong favorite in Kuznetsova - Petrova. In my world it should the otherway around. 

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