Monday, March 3, 2014

Tour moves on....

After a couple weeks in nomansland (different regions) we're heading to Amerika and first off Indian Wells for 11-12 days. Which is pretty wierd. I couldn't remember that it was like this last year that they started the main draw on the wednesday. Then 2 weeks in Miami for Sony Ericsson open. Which had the pleasure to enjoy 2010  and watch Söderling play. This was during my poker era and my poker buddies had rented a super nice house for 6 months where i stayed aswell. Miami during march is crazy with the WMC (winter music conference) coming into town aswell for a week. With all the party that is going on and the extremly pleasent weather. Good times!

Resident Pool Area
Last year and this year my friends stays in Mexico at a amazing 3 floor flat with all the facilities you can think of. If I go it will be for a standard 2 weeks holiday. I'm not sure though. I'm really torn cause this would mean that I will loose 2 weeks of trading which potentially is a very high relative cost. Its not like I get paid vacation unfortunatly =) .

I should probably go, never know when you get the chance again.

Wierd not having any tennis to trade today. So I'm watching cricket now and the TEST between South Africa - Australia which is really hard to get any grasp on with it being played in such huge timespan so its hard to get a feel for how the market moves. But there is only one way to learn it and its to watch and indulge.

Stay Sharp!


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