Monday, April 14, 2014

Let it rain...

Last blog post I was talking about going to Mexico this year aswell. I was actually going and started to look for flights. But the flights from gothenburg airport to cancun had already stopped for the season?!?!?!! What to do...

The WTA tournament in Kuala Lumpur equals rain delays. This is the third time i've traded this event and it has been raining every single time. Mayby its time to re-schedule that one? Seems abit off to have it between an america swing moving towards europe and the clay season.

Ohh well. The month in USA was not that great for me. Horrible tv/scoreboard delays for 4 week straight basically. Market maker/Courtsider being ahead 7-8+ seconds made it really hard to trade. But it seems pointless to complain about. Cause I cant really see there will be any changes from the companys / ATP / WTA about the score update.

The delay for us normal people is very different from week to week. Before I start trading a match I usually get a feel for how long time between the score updates and the market maker change their odds. Its pretty crucial if you have different positions on the market and not getting caught. You kind of get a feel for how long a ball take to play. Sometimes there are courtsiders that is not involved or put odds out on the market every single ball. They wait for big points that moves alot like breakpoints and such before they make a move. This is abit harder to assess though, cause they showup pretty much at anytime. Sometimes these guys sometimes doesnt really know what the odds should be the next point and can offer good value a resonable amount of the time actually. Usually they also use bigger stakes which is nice cause you can take a bigger position.

Anyways, seems I could have been sleeping instead of watching the rain pour in Kuala Lumpur. But there is a heavy load of matches today. With the WTA and ATP done for the day a massive amount of Challanger matches will be playing which is great. I have been trading the challangers when there is money on them and I find them very amusing at times. There is a reason that these guys havent reached ATP level. And alot has to do with consistency and mental strength. From my short experience with the chally tour is that there is alot of big comebacks and swingy matches that makes them great for trading. Often very good TV coverage.

To finish off. The biggest missclick of the year from someone happened last week I think. Cant remember the match but here is the graph.

Stay Sharp! /Sammy

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