Thursday, June 19, 2014

New Computer

Me and my girlfriend have decided to move in together and therefore i thought it was time to get a new stationary computer. Ive had 2 different setups for a while. Atleast to sets of monitors. 2 at her place and 3 at mine. So now that we will just have one place i thought id get a new computer that I can run 5 monitors on. My old one is from 2008 so abit more juice in power is also needed. Its crazy how a few b365 windows and a couple of markets just eats RAM and CPU power. Mindblowing... happens pretty much everyday that I need to refresh the desktop to clear the RAM. Its terribly annoying to restart everything and set all the markets and scoreboards/streams up again.

So now the awkward part starts to select what to get and then assemble it. The latter part is very fun though. Like playing with lego but legit for a man of my age. I will probably just call to a company and tell them what Im looking for and discuss what to buy for around $1k. It's just gonna be for trading/betting and nothing else. So there isn't much use for super high specifications.

Im thinking of keeping it totally off the grid. That means no facebook, no gmail, no youtube, no twitter etc, pretty much just betfair and betting sites. Im getting abit concerned about how much information they are gathering about what we do here on internet. I find it scary in a sense. I got a new cellphone a couple of month ago and its scary how everything is hooked up these days. I can google stuff on my desktop computer. And when I sit in the car going to a destination. The GPS and phone knows what I have googled before and makes the assumption im going to that specific spot and gives me a estimated time of arriaval and route. Its pretty cool, but also pretty frightening. How all the ads gets customed made for you at facebook and so on cause they know that you have searched for a holiday or product. How much else are they sniffing out that I dont even know about.

Enough about that.... On friday its a special day for us swedes.... midsummer. So Im taking Friday & Saturday off. Sunday usually Wimbeldon starts, no?

This funny german IKEA ad sums midsummer it up! Stay Sharp!

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