Monday, May 13, 2013


If i counted right we have 22 matches today. So it should be plenty of opportunities. Liquidity might be a problem in some matches. But its pretty easy to spot where it is and isn't. Just be a bit cautious, you might have to red @ wrong prices.

Im probably just gonna trade WTA matches, but it also depends where liquidity will be at. So there might be a couple of ATP in it today. We will have to see how the surface is playing out this week. The thin air and pretty fast clay in Madrid favored the very aggressive style of Raonic and Janowiz. I think Rome will play abit slower and they wont have that much advantage against the good grinding type of players. This is just a guess but we will have to see.

Fognini - Seppi should be a very nice match to trade. I think market have the wrong favorite here but it really doesnt matter. You can probably go both ways here. Laying who ever has the lead.

Montanes - Klizan: Klizans odds here is to high. Im going to back him at some point in the match.

Giraldo - Janowicz: Wrong favorite. Im favoring Giraldo.

Kohl-Raonic: Raonic abit to high. I will lay. I really dont like trading big servers cause volatility and variance is extreme usually. But getting position on kohlschreibers serve and then moving some liaibility when he has held is good. So you can cover if he gets broken first.

I cant really understand that Malisse is so bad @ clay. His stats are like night and day clay vs hardcourt. I was abit surprised that market have taken note of this.

Stepanek - Starace: I dont know what to say, might be a very fun market. Computer says Stepanek to low. These 2 gentlemen is known as 2 match fixers. This is pretty much common knownledge and market will probably be abit crazy due to it when fear and greed kicks in.

 Cirstea - Morita: Last week they played and Morita had to retire after just 3 games. Dont know what that was about. Probably better to just leave it alone. Or back cirstea. Market will go crazy if there is a MTO.

Niculesu - Peng: High probability this will be a very nice match to trade. Odds are a little high on Niculescu.

Hsieh - Stosur: Lay Stosur

JJ - Pirnokova: Lay JJ

Makarova - Oudin: Lay Makarova

GL @ the markets


Edit: Forgot, Ramos to low aswell. Lay.

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