Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sat.Madrid: Semi's

I hope you had a good day of trading yesterday. I didn't put a single minute on the markets yesterday. It's wierd for me not working when tennis is on. Especially on a weekday.

Im going to a birthday party today so I wont be able to trade anything today aswell. I usually dont trade later stages either (semi's - finals). When monday-thursday is so action packed and you really need to take a break sometimes and hangout with friends and girlfriend and family. But for you degenerates out there i'm gonna help you carving gold tonight. (hopefully)

Ive been reading up some on yesterdays action. Apperently Stan W. had some neck problems yesterday and thats probably why opening odds been abit skewed.

I would be backing Stan at some point depending if he looks fine. (medical timeouts can really ruin a good position in a matter of seconds) and laying Sharapova pre-match had been my initial moves.

Nadal & S.Williams is about right in SP's. Im looking to back both if they trade higher.

GL @ the markets


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  1. Hallå Sammy. Bra blogg.
    Tips: ha en frågestund. Alltid lika kul! Har en del frågor om trading. =)