Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thur-Madrid: Markets totally off?

As usual, tournaments starts to unravel from here on. But there is plenty of action and boy its alot of wierd prices especially on mens. Here in sweden its "red day". Every one "normal" isn't working so my mother expects me to attend a dinner at 4pm. Im not super excited but hey its family so I think I have to go.

Anyways... lets keep it simple and continue in yesterdays format. By the way. Was a crazy day of trading yesterday aswell. And i believe its gonna continue today. It certainly has big potential for upsets.


Lisicki - Sharapova: SP is about right. But still odds is low and a lay isn't bad for trading purposes. As Maria express her claycourt experience "like a cow on ice". Thats why she has a hard time cruching her opponents. Which she certainly can do from time to time. Devestating for bankrolls 6-1 6-2 for example. Its not a great lay but i have a feeling this could be a intresting one if lisicki brings it.

S.Williams-Kirilenko: Dunno what to say. Probably about right this SP. Abit high mayby. :O
Probably gonna back Williams at some point if she is trailing.

Hantu-Kanepi: Backing Kanepi. Not from start. But im leaning on Kanepi for sure.

Makarova-Bartoli: Decent odds here. Not taking position initially, if i where to take a position id be on Bartol. Should swing this one.

Lepchenko - Errani: To high odds on Errani. This could be a wild one though.


Here we go again like yesterday. Pre-match lays for today. (SP to low in a trading perspective)

Easy lays: Federer, Murray, Berdysch

Not so clearcut lays but still: Wawrinka, Tsonga, Ferrer, Nadal

Wrong favorite: Andujar ... Traver should in my world be 1.70ish favorite.

GL @ the markets


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