Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wed.Madrid - Should be a decent day of trading.

What a crazy day of tennis. Alot of favorites have had difficulties today. If you pick the right ones to trade its very hard to not make money on these matches.

Both Gasquet and Murray had problems aswell as Djokovic.

Anyways. This is the past.... Lets move on to wednesdays matches. As always i dont care who wins the match. As a trader on the markets this is not important.


Im definately gonna lay Suarez and Azarenka. In my world these SP's are wrong. Suarez basically crushed Kanepi last week but i think its gonna be much tougher encounter this time.

Georges - Lepchenko should swing. Not taking a position initally there. Georges isn't the best frontrunner of all time so laying here is really easy if she takes first set for example. This match have good potential to swing loads.

Im not to sure about Mladen - Kiri... Id probably favor Kirilenko but im not happy backing at current price. Dunno really what to think about this match. I'll just trade the market.

Kerber - Kuznetsova. I'm not surprised if we see a SP of 1.70-75. For me 1.50-55 is more correct. So if thats the case im gonna "lean" on Kerber during the match. Im not gonna take a position from start.

Kvitova - Hantuchova. I'll only look to back Kvitova


Alot of lays tomorrow in the mens. But here they are in chronological structure.

Berdysch, Monaco (easy lay), Tsonga, Nadal, Almagro, Wawrinka, Ferrer

Best lay tomorrow is probably Monaco. The otherones for me isnt that clear-cut. But im gonna base my trading on it, and take it from there. I'll also favor the WTA before the ATP. So we will see how many ATP matches i'll eventually trade.

GL @ the markets



11.52: Yes Kanepi match is looking abit like i thought it would. Im hoping for a turnaround for Navarro now though. Should be somewhat likely. As long as Carla can keep it together. Kanepi is playing a highly aggressive style at the moment. And could easily start missing alot. its 6-3 *3-0 atm.

15.52: Not only me that thinks Monaco was to low yesterday night! Lets see how the match develops.

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