Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I'm still here... But I have to put blogging on hold for a week or two. There is so much going on that I almost dont have time for anything except trading and doing various life things

But i'll be back before you know it with some thoughts about the the markets and upcoming matches

I hope you are doing good in the markets!

Stay Sharp!



  1. Hey Sammy!Great blog uve got here man!I simply love it because I think we share some thoughts on how to approach the tennis markets,although Im still a complete noob...Ive got a few questions for u if u dont mind,they are very simple.How many games do u trade in average per week and how many trades in average go against u.Explendid work,keep it on man!

  2. Hi!

    To be honest i dont know exact numbers on either question so I'm just going to estimate. But I think I trade around 300 matches every month so thats about 75 matches a week.

    How many that goes against? I don't know to be honest I do trade anything i find value and the probabilities in those situations is very different. (very different succesrates).

    Good luck!