Sunday, July 28, 2013

Late Night Tennis

So it was a while since i wrote anything about tennis. Im sitting here watching Isner - Anderson now in Atlanta. Apperently there have only been 10 break between these gents in the 208 games they played before. As I write this . You can add another 19 games to that...  soon 20...

Båstad Center Court
Anyways. So what have I been upto lately? I have been trading asusual. But my girlfriend has her holidays now so I have spent alot of time with her also. So my workload haven't been up to standards so to say. Or atleast what it normally is. We went to see Serena incinerate Johanna Larsson in the Womens Final in Båstad. I'd never go if I hadn't gotten the tickets for free. Sure it was a nice day. But womens tennis is kind of dull to be honest.

So we will have A.Radwanska against Cibulkova playing in Stanford. I cant really see any value in these odds. If I was going to do anything initially id start with a lay of Radwanska and see how it goes. Im just going to wait and see how it all evolves.

Isner - Anderson goes into a 3d set. Could get intresting....

Stay Sharp!


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  1. One of my bet's was on the Isner vs Anderson match..a very frustrating match indeed for me!

    Anderson failed to convert 0/11 break point opportunities looking at the stats for the match, I think two of those were match points also.