Monday, September 30, 2013

Missed me?

Hey Guys! Missed me? Probably not but i'm back. I decided to put my writing career on halt for awhile. It was a fun experience but trading has to be first priority and it was to time consuming to be able to do both. I usually trade all of the tennis matches during a day. This doesn't mean I put in any money in them but I do give myself opportunities to find good value. Somedays are super slow and somedays are very lucrative.

I'm pretty happy though season is coming to an end. Its been a long season and alot of matches and markets. In November I'm planning a trip to Dubai and then im probably gonna go a couple of weeks to South America.

The Asia swing is on its way and I actually like waking up this early. Its nice to brew some coffe and grind away and have the afternoon and evening off.

Here is one play for today. Lay Errani, and lay again and again if Errani goes off to a good start.

Stay Sharp!


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