Thursday, August 15, 2013


It was sometime ago i wrote here. Ive been really busy asusual. I got some bad news if you liked reading this blog and mayby getting some tips.

I got this opportunity to write for one of the biggest tennis websites in sweden. Problably the biggest one. Its called and its ofcourse written in swedish. I will be covering the WTA-tour. So far i have only been writing for a couple of days but its really fun and challenging.

So I just wanted to let you know that for now on i'll put this blog on hold, definately. I still use twitter and I do comment the markets from time to time. Stop by and say hello or have a question. If I got time ill try to answer it for you.

Stay sharp!



  1. Sorry to hear that man :( I was excited to read your posts however I would come to the Swedish site and read it in Swedish as I started to learn this language :D SO HEY HEY, HUR GOR DU? But this may take a while :D Greeting from Bookmakers

  2. Hi Sammy

    Congratulations on getting the gig at Forza Fabio, I hope it's going well for you! I was wondering if we could have a quick email conversation?

    I have what may or may not be an interesting proposition for you, you can be the judge of that.

    You can email me at support [AT]

    Thanks a lot


  3. betfairtennistrader [at] ... send me proposition and i'll have a look at it...