Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Le Scoreboard Terrible

Roland Garros is underway if you have missed it! Doubt it... =)

Been a couple of hectic days to start off the tournament. With 14 matches going on at the same time its hard to choose whichones to focus on.Today Wednesday is a bit diffrent though with double matches starting so we have (only) 7 singles matches going on which is graspable (is this a even a word?). The doubles matches usually have no liquidity at all this early in the tournament.

So what about the blog title? I cant really remember that the scoreboards being this shitty last year? Didnt we have streams aswell? The slamtracker usually is pretty decent but this year its not up to standards. Never the less its really hard to make good decisions when sometimes the scoreboard is 2 balls behind the market. When its 1 ball behind, you can see on the market who won the ball. But more than that it, really really gets tough. Courtsiders are cleaning up, de luxe.

Matosevic finally one a singles main draw match in a grand slam (14 tries). This is how happy he got!

Matches will start in about an hour so Im gonna go out and cut the lawn before we start the days work.

Stay Sharp! /Sammy

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