Monday, March 23, 2015



There nothing big to report really I have been grinding the markets as usual but mayby not as last couple of years. There isn't really time or energy for 12-14 hours tennis trading. It strikes me now that  I'm moving into my forth year of tennis trading. Time flies is the right word ohh my....

Djokovoic - Federer playing at the moment. And djoko is really destroying Federer when I write this (up a break in the second). Watching federer getting into the match a lot more in the second set. I took federer 2nd set @ 12 on bet365. Partly being bored wanting some kind of action. Why did I take a bet on bet365 and not betfair you might ask?

A lot of the time you get the same odds on bet365 and betfair so its a pretty easy choice. I have no premium charge on bet365 and there is no commission. I can always use betfair to remove my risk/liability to get a better price than using cashout on bet365.

Be cautious using this on matchodds cause b365 and betfair have different rules if a player retires. b365 voids and betfair settles the market if first set is completed. But it works good for set1/set2  betting/trading

Mayby this wasn't a very sophisticated tip from me but hopefully there are some people that might benefit from this.

By the way. If you missed the most epic destruction of a racket by J.Jenkins . Here it is!

Take Care! /Sammy


  1. B365 give Federer 8% to win set 2 when it is 5-5? Was the score 15-40 on Roger's serve when they gave these odds?

    1. No =) I wasn't clear... Score was *4-2 djokovic when i took the bet in the second set. I took the screenshot at 5-5 though =)

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