Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday: Wierd prices...

Big day of tennis! 

As there is to many matches to handle today im just gonna focus on the ladies today in my trading. If i find any ridiculous in the mens ill let you know.

Arvidsson - Peng: Our best player is playing today, always fun. And they have a feed from that match so I'm definately going to monitor it. Arvidsson's form lately isn't the best but after crunching numbers, I find 1.50 very low on Peng. To much heart and no logic in this play? I think it's fine....

Zhang - Rybarikova: Data on this match is not good but last year rybarikova has 0-3 on clay. I doubt this is her favorite surface. Zhang have been doing pretty decent on the dirt. Numbers also say that Rybarikova shouldn't win this 67% of the time. A lay is probably worth some money.

Vandeweghe-Goerges: There is nothing wrong in laying Georges in this match. We shouldn't expect to many breaks in this match. Projected holds are well over tour average.

Kanepi - Cibulkova: Tough opening match for both girls. Draw haven't been nice to either of them. Odds is about right so i'm not taking a position from start. Trading this in-play. This one could definately swing.

Flipkens - Keys: Computer says that this match is way off in odds. Flipkens record last year is 1-3, Keys 4-2. If Keys serves well she should probably win this match.

Wickmayer - Hampton: Hampton is one of my favorite players but she hasn't been playing well lately and her record on clay is not good at all. Wickmayer's odds looks like value. Predicted hold on hampton is under 50% so we should expect Wickmayer to break her plenty.

Oprandi - Oudin: I find odds here to be pretty decent. This could turn out to be a really swingy match with alot of breaks. So you could pretty much lay who ever takes the lead.


Bartoli - Giorgi: Upset alert, Bartoli haven't been good on the dirt. Computer also says this should be alot closer than SP says. Expect more breaks than normal.

Larsson - Cetkovska: If i where excited about Arvidssons chances today. Im not that keen on Larsson today. Cetkovska is coming back now from injury(?) she hasnt played in a while. So thats why i think Larsson is a favorite here. I'm just trading this in-play. I dont know if this is on stream but that would help alot to get a feel for how Cetkovska is performing. Predicted hold is very low. Could be a killer match to trade.

McHale - Davis: After crunching some numbers this 1.35 on McHale is very flawed. This is a lay, and if McHale takes the lead ill lay even more and then some more. Expect alot of breaks.

Cornet - Johansson: Break fest!

Beck - Hsieh: This one will probably feature alot of breaks aswell. Data is favoring Beck handsomly.

Doi - Pliskova: Wrong favorite here.

Here is some matches ill be looking to back the favorite if they trail.

Garcia, Razzano,

Monfils is definately a lay.

Lay Stakhovsky.


  1. Totally agree on your thoughts (as expected!).

    Good luck today mate :)

    1. Was a good day! Im kind of happy its raining in Brussels. Now we wont miss the action. =)

  2. Såg du Giorgi? Snart topp 10 ;) hehe

    1. Får hon lite mera kontroll så kan hon bli extremt farlig. Hennes bollträff är enorm verkligen. Snart top 10 ja vi får se. Ditt år börjar ta slut.... ;)