Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday: The action continues

Another day, another dollar.... to me is the plan.

Brussels had another day of rain. Must be terrible to be a tournament director and there is nothing you can do about it. Hopefully we will get some action there today. Its kind of perfect that it has rained. I was abit worried about missing value in some matches due to the fact that it was supposed to run 5-6 matches at the same time during the day. But now when we are at round 16 of Strasbourg I think i will be able to catch pretty much all of it.

All plays for Brussels still stands from yesterday. So you just have to check yesterdays analysis for the matches in Brussel.

Todays matches:

Giorgi - Bouchard: Giorgi really crushed Bartoli. There was no stream from Bouchards win today so we can't say for sure how the ankle is but it seemed to be a fairly easy win from what the scoreboard was saying. (I followed the match point by point). So we have to assume it's alright. Predicted hold is very very low. We should expect breaks. This one on paper has the features for a very swing and good match to trade.

Tatishvili - Niculescu: Tatishvili won over Garcia which was abit of an upset yesterday. Think Garcia didn't play that match well strategic at all. Today she plays against Niculescu who won in a 3 setter against Erakovic. Market is about right here @ 1.34. I'll just trade this in-play if anything comes up.

Cornet - Linette: Havent seen Linette play so i dont know really what kind of player she is. But her small amount of clay stats is very impressive. Lay Cornet for sure. Epic break fest? Possibility high.

Rogers - Scheepers: Dont know what to think... I'll leave this for mayby some in-play trades.

Torro-Flor - Pennetta: Panetta haven't looked good at all lately. But today we have value on her against Torro-Flor. As the odds say i'm expecting a swingy match. If I had to make a bet only i'd stick my money on Pennetta. (data play)

Doi - Hsieh: I'll be laying Hsieh, first time they play eachother on clay. This is likley to be closer than their previous meetings.

Davis - Hradecka: Expect alot of holds. Hradecka didnt loose a single game on serve yesterday i think. Her game revolvs alot around her serve. Very hard to win against when she is on. Forecast is saying high number of holds for both players this match. There is a small value on Davis.

Larsson - Razzano: Value on Razzano, Looking to back her in play. She seems abit "french". (having a hard time closing out matches) eg. giving away games.

I havent crunched numbers for the mens matches today.

GL @ the markets


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