Wednesday, June 19, 2013


So there is a small delay before matches in Neatherlands starts which gives me time to write alittle about todays matches. I haven't got much time on my hands the upcoming weeks for writing blogposts. The last couple of days I have worked on the house, building a terass.

So its basically building then trading all days. And on friday its midsummer here in sweden which is a traditional holiday. Where people meet, eat & get drunk basically. So we are having some friends over for that.

So for today I find Klizan small value against Fognini. I'm not taking a position initially but ill look to get some value in-play. High possibility there will be alot of pressure on both serves.

Feliciano Lopez have been playing super tennis on the grass and Monaco haven't played a competetive match yet this year on the surface. Monaco is know as a claycourter but he has a good record on grass and this could really be a much closer competition than odds say (Lopez 1.39). Its probably pretty clear by know i'm going to lay Lopez in-play.

Seppi v Harrison im expecting to be a really swingy match. Im probably going to trade both ways here. If I had to put in a bet pre-match i'd put it on Harrison which I find is more value @ 2.48.

Bartoli undervalued today against Li. Bartoli is really good on grass and very undervalued against Li today. Laying Li inplay.

Looking to back Stosur, Kerber, Kirilenko, Watson, Vinci

Matches going to start any minute now so I'm going to round up this post. I do post some trades I do if I have time on twitter. Mayby it can be of any help for you guys.

Stay Sharp! /Sammy

EDIT: Kuznetsov very good value today.

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