Monday, June 17, 2013

Hertogenbosch & Eastbourne: Joint-events

Week 25 we have 2 joint event action in Hertogenbosch & Eastbourne. Both of the tournaments have more than average breaks of serve than the tour avg. for grass. Due to the fact that quality players often doesn't choose to play these events before a Grand Slam.

I'm abit suprised alot of the top WTA players is playing in Eastbourne though.

Today Arvidsson plays against Morita. And the swedish #1 should have a good chance against Morita. Even though her form is very very poor.

Lino could make life difficult on Cibulkova aswell.

Lorenzi i feel is abit under-valued today against De Bakker. De Bakker should be a much better grass courter than he really is. Or atleast thats what past results say.

There is alot of matches today that is really hard to predict due to players almost never have played a grass match on tour level. Alot of random event may happen today.

Stay Sharp! /Sammy


  1. Hej Sammy, en chansning, men är du möjligtvis samma person som har / hade en mailadress som var ?

  2. Ok, det var ett långskott mycket, var annars mycket som stämde överrens (liknande namn & bakgrund etc). Får ta tillfället i akt att passa på att tacka för en bra och lärorik blog!