Saturday, January 11, 2014

Aussie Open 2014


So if your remotely interested in tennis you probably know that on monday this seasons first grand slam will be underway. So there will be plenty of matches to trade which is always nice.

Last week was pretty decent and unlike last year I had a more cautious approach to the season start than last year where I was very eager to make bank and got myself into a huge hole in the first few weeks. Last year I posted a $ 2k profit for january which is not great. (its not bad, but hear me out)

For me personally I think winning on average less than $5k a month is not an option. Then you are probably better off having a normal job and trading part-time. Due to the various factors like social security and pension. I mean being a professional sports trader or any type of gambler is cool and all but when you are at my age (30-ish) you have to take the future a lot more into consideration. Like pension and security like I mentioned before. If you are in your 20's i think that is not as big of a problem and you should probably have much bigger risk calculated just because time is not a factor in that case.

I don't know about you guys, what is your thoughts about this topic?

AO 2014 is around the corner, are your ready?
Tonight I'm taking a day off and recharging my batteries for the 10 days straight work that is ahead of me. My plan is to go to bed @ 9.00 pm and wake up @ 3-4 am and taking a nap in the afternoon. Pacific time is really the worst of them all.

Tomorrow I'll try to make some preparations and have a look at the draw and try to find some value in the outrights markets. If I find something cool I'll let you know tomorrow. Ok, until then have a good evening and stay sharp!



  1. Hi Sammy,

    It's actually nice to see someone mention about Pension and such things in a post, I've not seen a full-time trader mention this aspect about going full-time or when they are full-time. You also don't get paid if your sick also, like in a lot of normal jobs!

    Would be nice to see a more in-depth post or discussion on this in the future.

    Good luck for the GrandSlam


    1. Hey TA!

      Yes it's an intresting subject for sure. I'll try to expand abit in a future blogpost what I think about it.

      Have a good GS aswell!

  2. Combining work and trading allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds.


  3. I thought about future as well as I have family and of course you want something stable, but let's look at different angle, we sit at home and think "mm maybe I need to get some better job, trading is not for forever" but are sure that work is someting stable in this world? Are sure you will work there for more 30 years? Will you do smth (I mean things you are not interested in) just for money? So, maybe it's better to try smth new, something you like doing except trading, I like trading but I'm thinking about investing money I make in trading into smth different, maybe it's not easy, however, if you don't try then how can you dare to say you tried hard. So, that's my thought about it.

    1. Please delete or ignore this comment, as it is only my personal thought, everybody has different views on this.

    2. No problem, its fun to have a discussion and different views on things. What I wrote in the blog was just from the top of my head and didn't really take any angles on it. I like trading alot to but I think you have to take things into consideration.

      I'll try to expand abit on my views on it. In another blog post.