Saturday, January 18, 2014

Halfway thru Aussie Open

Yes we're almost a week into the first grand slam and I had a really good start to the week. But been struggling last couple of days to find any decent value. I'm really struggling with the high liqudity markets. Hard to get any really good value odds due to market maker having no spread at all basically and they pretty much always are infront of the queue with their speed (courtside info). Which is super annoying. Would be way more easy to make money if we where trading on the same terms. But it is what it is....

So I often "zoneout" in these circumstances. Which is not good obviously. But I'm working on it. I think basically I dont trust my strategies or theories in high liquid markets. Which makes me doubt myself alot and therefor not trade aswell.

The sultan @ centercourttrading have recommended a book "trading from your gut" which i picked up the other day. I must say it was a good read. And I think you can pickup alot from it. For you that have read it I find myself being a "left brain" person that are struggling with trusting my instincts and intuition. So I found it quite intresting really.

Much better start to this season. I remember being stuck about 2-3k at this point last season...

Stephane Robert the french lucky looser have made it to the 4th round and you can read a pretty amusing interview here.

Now its time to get back to the markets. The last matches for the day starts in a few mintues.

Stay Sharp!


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  1. Nice results so far Sammy,

    Good-luck for the rest of the month.