Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday: Rome - Madness

3 things that wasn't normal yesterday:

1. Troicki loosing it after a lines call.

2. Murrays retire after winning second set. It was super bizarre.

3. Janowiz destroys his shirt after winning his match over Tsonga.

Ok so yesterday was yesterday, today we have more beautiful tennis and markets to attend to. Lets get to it...

Anderson and Dolgo i find under-valued. The rest of mens matches is well priced. And ill just trade any in-play edges i can find.

For the womens encounters i find.  S.Williams a abit under-valued (ill try to back in-play), Vinci aswell.

Lay: Navarro, Azarenka

Wrong favorite: Stosur (Back Kvitova)

Thats about it... GL @ the markets