Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday:Rome - To much faith in the mens favs?

Upsets for today was definately Paire & Janowiz. Gulbis excellent performance against Nadal was epic aswell.

Im writing this now @ midnight. Opening price on Jankovic was very generous. Im backing her against Halep. Running numbers thru my computer says she should be a clear favorite. I mean if halep was supposed to play Na Li tomorrow. Li would be @ 1.40 maximum. So logically 1.80ish is big. It might steam in though. Dont know what SP will be.

You could lay Azarenka but im not super excited about it... key is serve here for both girls. We shouldn't expect many breaks in tomorrows matchup.
Same goes for Sharapova vs Errani. It pretty much up to Sharapova. Errani's strengths is her return game. If sharapova is holding serve well (errani not doing what shes best at). Then this could be a very quick match. But on the other side of the coin. We should expect alot of breaks on errani serve. If she holds comfortably this should be a sign of a possible upset.

Im like a like a like a ....... broken record about the next one but there is value backing S.Williams pre-match vs Navarro tomorrow. But ill try to get better odds in-play.

In the mens you could lay all the favorits and feel good about it.

Nadal have about the same opening price as in Madrid. We know how super that one was trading. So something similar to that one would be great.

Djoko also very low.

The downside on laying these guys is that even if they trail. Market pressure is always there, so you dont get that extra value you get on other players when market starts to overreact etc.

Same thing doesn't apply to Paire ofcourse, him being one of the most erratic players on ATP tour. If he plays same kind of tennis against granollers as he did today vs Delpo its GSM in no time. But you dont really know what will come from the young frenchman.

GL @ the markets. Remember this advices are for trading purposes. I couldn't care less who wins the match to be honest.


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